MUMBAI: 27th - 28th FEBRUARY 2019 | ADDRESS : Maha Kavi Kalidas Natya Mandir, Mulund                                         MUMBAI: 27th - 28th FEBRUARY 2019 | ADDRESS : Maha Kavi Kalidas Natya Mandir, Mulund


As we had announced at the beginning of the Season 2, that Boss Classic will send 2 Winners to compete in the IFBB Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas, 2019. Below are all the Terms & Conditions for the above:

What’s the criteria to win the all Expenses Trip Overseas?


Why not the Winners Only?

This is a valid question. Reason why, we have decided to choose any 2 from the Top 5 of Any Class is because, sometimes you have an athlete, that might not have peaked or be at their peak form on the day, but has a huge potential do really well with few extra weeks or months prep. Our goal at Boss Classic is to select those individuals who the judges believe have the best chance to bring laurels to India, and make the entire Nation proud.

Can the athlete who’s won the Boss Pro Card also win the All Expenses Paid Trip as well, and vice versa?

Yes, although this is possible technically, but it’s highly unlikely. As we want to spread the prizes and give good opportunities to as many deserving athletes as possible. Having said that, if there is an exceptional athlete, then this is very much possible as the selection of the Pro Card and All Expenses Trip Winners will be done by VOTING BY THE JUDGES.

Can you please explain in Detail how the Overseas Trip Winners Will be Chosen?

Throughout the Show, the judges will take down notes on each of the Top 5 from Every Class, and then in the end Vote on it, and hold discussions amongst themselves, so that the RIGHT AND MOST DESERVING PERSON IS CHOSEN. Along with that, Judges can also request some of the Top 5 to be compared if there is a tie or the voting is close.
Yes, WE DO UNDERSTAND – for example comparing a Men’s Physique competitor against a bodybuilder is not the norm, but the Judges are not comparing the physiques in the traditional sense – They will mainly be assessing – WHO HAS MORE OVERALL POTENTIAL OF DOING WELL IN 6 MONTHS TIME.

What if I don’t want to go and Compete at the Amateur Olympia and want to play for another Federation overseas?

This is completely an athletes choice. Boss Classic will NOT FORCE OR EVEN INFLUENCE ANY ATHLETE TO CHOOSE ONE COMPETITION OVER ANOTHER. For example, you could choose to play for IBBF, IFBB, WABBA, NABBA, INBA or any other competition in the world, you are 100% allowed to go anywhere.

Are there any limits to how much Boss Classic will cover the expenses upto?

Yes there is a limit of 1 Lakh. Boss Classic will pay upto 1 Lakh to cover your expenses. This is set because, Boss Classic can not control all external factors like for example, the athlete might choose to compete in competition overseas in December, which is a peak holiday season and the tickets can often be through the roof, or he/she might choose a very expensive hotel. These are some of the many things, we as organizers can’t control.
So, as a result we have to put a cap of some amount, and we genuinely believe, one can go and compete almost anywhere in the world with the sum of 1 Lakh.

What if I don’t want to go and Compete anywhere, and just want 1 Lakh in Cash instead?

This is completely an athlete’s choice. Boss Classic will NOT FORCE OR EVEN INFLUENCE ANY ATHLETE TO CHOOSE TO GO AND COMPETE ANYWHERE. HOWEVER, If an athlete chooses not to compete in any competition, then Boss Classic will not pay the full 1 Lakh amount. Boss Classic will only pay 75,000 in that case. And that too, not immediately. The 75,000amount will be released only after 10 Months from the Date of the Competition. The 75,000 figure we believe is a fair amount to give out, as you would have saved a substantial amount on food, supplements and any potential loss of income due to the requirements of a serious prep. So, we believe it’s only fair. But if the athlete chooses to go and compete overseas within 1 month of Boss Classic Grand Finale, Boss Classic will release the funds immediately.

Why won’t Boss Classic release the funds immediately if the Winner doesn’t want to go and compete overseas and wants cash instead immediately.?

This is mainly to avoid everyone jumping at the opportunity to just take the cash instead of going and representing their country. What we want is, we want athletes to work harder, go overseas and represent India and win medals for the Nation. That’s why we believe, it’s only fair we withhold the cash for 10 Months if the athlete decides not to go overseas or can’t go overseas for any health or personal reasons.

What if I can’t get a visa to the U.S.A, can I go to another country?

Yes, absolutely. As previously stated above, you can choose to go anywhere and compete in any competition you like.

What if I can’t get a visa to any country, can I get cash instead?

Yes, absolutely. However, you will still need to wait for 10 Months before the Cash is release. And in that instance too, you will only receive 75,000. As we believe, you would have saved a substantial amount on food, supplements and any potential loss of income due to the requirements of a serious prep. So, we believe it’s only fair.

Will Boss Classic be buying my tickets and booking accommodation if I am the winner of Overseas Prize?

No, we will simply release the funds to you once you have fulfilled the below requirements:
1. Registered for the Show of your Choice Overseas – Credible Evidence will be required, like confirmation letter or something alike.
2. Attested Photocopy of your Visa
3. Ticket to the Country you are going. If you don’t have the money for this at the time of booking, Boss Classic will directly pay for your ticket to your agent or on your behalf to the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF 1 Lakh.

What if my trip only costs 70,000? What will happen to the remaining 30,000?

Boss Classic will simply give you the remaining 30,000 in cash. The whole point of doing the above is to STOP PEOPLE TRYGIN TO SCAM THE SYSTEM AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION.
At Boss Classic, we GENUINELY CARE FOR THE ATHLETES, and we GENUINELY want to do all we can to help the athletes.
But by the same token, we don’t want anyone to take unfair advantage of our generosity.
We WANT athletes to take full advantage of all the Cash and other prizes. So, even if your trip only costs you 50,000, we will still give you the remaining 50,000 because Coach Harry being a coach of many High Class athletes, WELL UNDERSTANDS HOW MUCH A HIGH LEVEL PREP COSTS, so we don’t want to withhold any money from any DESERVING athlete and play all these dodgy games.
For more info, you can directly email Boss Classic @