DELHI: 22nd - 23rd NOVEMBER 2019 | VENUE : Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Auditorium No. 2 Kendriya Vidyalaya, APS Colony Road, APS Colony, Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi, Delhi 110010                                         DELHI: 22nd - 23rd NOVEMBER 2019 | VENUE : Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Auditorium No. 2 Kendriya Vidyalaya, APS Colony Road, APS Colony, Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi, Delhi 110010



This Category has been brought in for the Finals after a pretty solid demand from many competitors.
The beauty of this Category is, for starters it has no Height Or Weight limitations, which makes it lot easier for athletes to qualify for this Class. They can simply focus on bringing their best physique to stage, especially the bigger guys, who often have to sacrifice muscle to make weight for the Classic Physique.
This category has a huge emphasis on Symmetry and narrow waist, and broad shoulders. These attributes along with conditioning and balance will be marked favorably.


This Category is suitable for anyone, who has too much muscle for Male Fitness Model. Many Bodybuilders & Classic Physique guys could suit very well in this class too.

Number of Categories in The Grand Finale Show:

• This Category will have 1 Open Class. There will be NO HEIGHT OR WEIGHT REQUIREMENT.

Judging Criteria For Male Muscle Model:

• This Category will be JUDGED AS ONE OPEN CATEGORY.
• You need to have a pleasant overall balanced Physique – A strong emphasis will be given to this aspect.
• This category is very much on the lines of Old School Body Building and the physiques of the likes of Frank Zane and Brian Buchanan.
• You need to have clear and well defined abs. This will be marked favorably. However, the “Genetic” Make up of your abs will NOT GO AGAINST YOU.
• You will be marked down significantly if you have a thick waist, especially if its protruding out (sticking out).
• Having good amount of muscle size will also be marked favorably.
• If you are overly vascular, you will be marked down.
• Your Overall Leanness and Conditioning will also be marked favorably.
• Having Well Rounded Shoulders, Wide Back, Good Obliques, Good Legs, and balanced physique will be marked favorably

Posing – General Guidelines:

1. You WILL be marked on your Posing.
2. If you are selected in the Top 5 of your class, you COULD BE ASKED to do an individual Posing routine of 1 Minute or Under.
3. In the Individual Posing Routine, you can do any kind of posing routine. However, we strongly recommend you NOT to hit the traditional Most Muscular Pose of Body Building. Rest, you can be as creative as you like with your posing.
4. You will be judged at ALL TIMES WHEN YOU ARE ON STAGE. What this means, even if you are standing at the back of the stage, the judges WILL BE WATCHING YOU. If you slack off, do something silly or act plain lazy, you WILL BE MARKED DOWN. Our advice to you would be is, STAY SWITCHED ON AT ALL TIMES.
5. Please bring your Posing music in a CD & a USB. You will need to provide this to the backstage Marshalls, if you make it to the Final 5.
6. Your Individual Posing Routine WILL BE MARKED.

Posing – Compulsory Rounds Guidelines:

• You will come on stage in a Numerical Order as per your Posing Trunk Number
• When you get on stage, please stand on the marked White Line (The Stage Marshalls will guide you with this).
• When you are on stage at the start, face the judges in a Front Relaxed Pose – Exactly the Same as it’s done in Bodybuilding.
• The Judges will call your Trunk Number, and you will be required to step forward and line up on the White line in a Numeric Order – Stage Marshalls will guide you with this.
• You will be judged in the below order:
       1. Front Relaxed Facing the Judges.
       2. Quarter Turn to The Right.
       3. Quarter Turn to The Right, facing the back of the stage.
       4. Quarter Turn to The Right.
       5. Quarter Turn to The Right, facing the Judges once again.

Note : The above Quarter Turns need to be the same as Men’s Phsyique

• Once the Judges have finished Judging the above, then they will ask you to go through the below poses:
       1. Front Double Biceps
       2. Front Lat Spread
       3. Side Chest
       4. Side Tricep
       5. Back Double Biceps
       6. Back Lat Spread
       7. Abs & Thighs.
• Once the above is done, the judges might call you back to the front line, and move you around, and do the comparisons.
• Once the judges have finished comparisons, and tallied up the scores, you will be asked to leave the stage.
• The official judging will conclude with this.

Posing Trunks, Grooming & Presentation:

• Posing Trunks for this category need to be like Tight Fitting Swimming Trunks. Trunks need to be Black in Color.

Tanning Guidelines:

• Male Muscle Model Competitors can use any tan they like.
• Your Tan Color, Top Coat and the Final Look on stage WILL BE MARKED.

If Everything is Almost The Same As Classic Physique, Then Why This Category Too?

This is a very legitimate question.
Below are some of the reasons why we decided to introduce Male Muscle Model Category this year:
1. Many athletes struggle to drop weight to make weight for Classic Physique, and unfortunately are left with no other option but to play bodybuilding.
2. Athletes demand. Many athletes requested this category to be introduced, so we did.